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  • Oops. Kony 2012 Cover the Night fails to move from the internet to the streets

    The Kony 2012 Cover the Night campaign woke up to awkward questions on Saturday after activists failed to blanket cities with posters of the wanted Ugandan warlord, Joseph Kony. via Unfortunately, Luddites and naysayers will use this as a reason to poo-poo all internet activism. To which I say, SOPA protests.

  • An Updated Analysis: Why SOPA & PIPA Are A Bad Idea, Dangerous & Unnecessary | Techdirt

    If you want to understand why we’re all so upset about these bills, read this. The concerns are not hyperbole.

  • Excellent Poster Featuring Lamar Smith and SOPA

    This is great—note how everybody on every side opposes it, making you wonder who exactly ol’ Lamar is representing.

  • Warner Brothers and Trakt

    It’s no secret that Big Content is more than a little schizophrenic when it comes to technology, seeing death knells in the very disruptions that later become their lifeblood. In this vein, I saw the other day that Warner Brothers Australia has begun including shouts from Trakt users on their movie pages. Don’t get me…

  • Today in Netflix

    Yesterday, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings announced that Netflix would be moving in still another new direction, in a reversal of decision made only a few weeks prior. Qwikster, Hastings’ stillborn attempt to save his precipitously declining customer base by forcing them to cancel two subscriptions instead of one, will be resorbed by the original Netflix…

  • Social Networking Fatigue

    My thoughts on this began with a conversation I had with my friend Caitlyn where the two of us ranted that social networking is beginning to have more emphasis on the “working” and less on the “social.” Facebook is making all kinds of changes, prompting the usual outcry from people who don’t like different. I’m…

  • How to Engage with the Community

    I don’t consider myself a “blogger” or a “social media guru,” but I do enjoy sharing things with my friends and meeting new people online. I also don’t like when companies try to force buzz, such “retweet this message ten times to enter to win a prize.” Instead, I share things with people because I…

  • Netflix’s War on Customers

    It’s no secret that the big media “old guard” want absolute control over how we as individuals experience culture. Rather than viewing the internet and the technologies and services it enables as exciting new opportunities to eliminate the cost of distribution and reach a global audience, they have insisted on clinging to a scarcity-driven business…