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How to Engage with the Community

I don’t consider myself a “blogger” or a “social media guru,” but I do enjoy sharing things with my friends and meeting new people online. I also don’t like when companies try to force buzz, such “retweet this message ten times to enter to win a prize.” Instead, I share things with people because I like them and think they will too—which is why I’ve been so enthusiastic about Producteev

The folks at Producteev have been amazing about connecting with their fans online—they’re a team of interesting, engaging people in their own right, sharing stuff about themselves with the rest of us. They also happen to work for a company that provides a great service (take note how these two statements are ordered). By being who they are, they make it more fun to share something I was talking about anyway.

Today I got a thank you card from Judi, Farhana, and Tushar. Not going to lie, it totally made my day. Enclosed within the card were a few Producteev punchouts, so Appy and I decided to have a little fun with them as a way of saying thank you back.

Connecting with people is the first part of any successful business model in today’s world. Here’s one example of people who are doing it right.

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2 responses to “How to Engage with the Community”

  1. Andrew Avatar

    That’s pretty awesome.

    Also, your lab looks like tons of fun. Much more than mine. All we have is hundreds of computers and monitors.

    1. SteelWolf Avatar

      Thanks! We manage to have a pretty good time – it’s the only way to say sane.

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