Matter, Energy, and Life of Michaela A. Castello.

Two More Weeks

In an altogether unsurprising-yet-maddening turn of events, our landlord informed us that the condo repairs remain unfinished, necessitating a stay elsewhere for an additional two weeks. Dave, our Airbnb host, had graciously been allowing us to add additional weeks onto the end of our stay, but we finally ran up against another booking. With this extension, it will have been ten weeks from the time the leak occurred and eight weeks from when we had to leave the condo.

In large part due to our work schedules, which had me on long-hour inpatient rotations and night shifts for much of this, Rachel has shouldered an unfair portion of the burden. On her precious days off, she has planned the moves, followed up on insurance claims, and coaxed Bast out of his box.

Being physically present in all of these different locations has felt more disorienting than traveling or a vacation. Instead of a suspension of daily life until the disruption is over, everyday tasks must continue even while finding new areas to dump my medical stuff, accounting for a new commute length, and so forth. Thus, last week’s nonwork time was spent repacking everything and hauling it, once again, to a new place—this time to our friends’ house. In contrast, during that same period, my intern purchased a house.

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