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Wow. Baltimore got 26” of snow, and here on the edges of the city I think we got closer to 30”. This is definitely the biggest snow I’ve seen in Maryland in my life, and when you add it to the other 1-2′ snow we got a few weeks ago, and all of the “normal” snows, I’m hearing that it’s one of the heaviest winters on record for the state.

Rachel and I managed to dig out both of our cars in just three hours, though I’m sure our backs will be punishing us for that tomorrow. Thanks to the massive amounts of snow I had to shove off the roofs, I ended up trying to move through piles that rose past my waist. Said moving consists of something between flailing and swimming, horrible at preserving grace but excellent at filling one’s clothes with snow. The maintenance people trying to clear out our parking lot brought in a Bobcat to help shovel, and as of now the only plowing on our road is the path they carved to get here.

When I came in and started peeling off layers my whole body started steaming. Water and lemonade, sweet nectar of life! It turns out we got incredibly lucky, as all of the apartment buildings north of ours in our complex lost power sometime yesterday and only just got it back while we were outside. Being snowed in isn’t nearly as fun without electricity-dependent conveniences.

I took a few pictures during the storm yesterday. The one with Rachel in it should help put the scale in perspective. I know some of you northerners deal with this on a daily basis and all, but this is a big deal around here. After all, it was dubbed snowmageddon by the President himself.

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