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  • How Tech Can Help Science

    My technical problems often involve physical limitations.

  • Ne’er Conditioning

    Despite it being a non-negotiable feature of our residences, we seem to have incredibly bad luck with air conditioning. Also, we’re back home.

  • A Lack of Craft

    A Lack of Craft

    Good intentions are no match for poor workmanship.

  • Incision and Drainage

    Descriptions within not recommended for sensitive stomachs.

  • A Spoonful of Sugar

    A toddler admitted for poor feeding sits cross-legged on the hospital bed, clutching a takeout soup container in their feet. My first thought is that the periorbital edema has significantly improved after diuresis, but my attention is soon drawn to the large stainless steel serving spoon clutched in their hand. I noted some fine motor […]

  • Mistyped URLs

    After the incredible success of my Deviant Art Post Reclamation Effort, I continued onward through time. I finally committed to merging the incredible mistypedURL with this site, which necessitated going through and fixing tags, categories, and formatting. There was also the unfortunate period where I uploaded everything via the erstwhile Posterous; with some internet sleuthing…

  • Nights for Days

    Night shifts generate strong opinions: are they desirable or miserable, easier or more difficult? Regardless, residency has a fair number of them, and unlike our colleagues we don’t get paid any extra. Personally I don’t mind them, although to be fair, I don’t currently have difficulty sleeping during the day or catching naps during slow…

  • Boxed