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Three Out of Four

I had my third of four med school interviews at Penn State University today and I left quite impressed. I felt like everybody there was really going out of their way to make the interviewees feel welcome, an attitude that sets a positive atmosphere right from the start.

Both PSU and LLU structured their interview day as though they were trying to convince you to go to their school, rather than them trying to weed students out of the applicant pool. They’re all still doing exactly that, weeding students out, but the method completely transforms the day from a tense and nervous experience to one more laid back and relaxed. My last interview is at New York Medical College in March; hopefully after that I’ll start getting responses from these other schools.

I didn’t realize how close Hershey PA is to Baltimore¬†until I looked up the route on Google Maps. I ended up making the trip in under 90 minutes (and ~46 mpg, thanks Insight!). In other news, I updated Waterfall again.

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