Matter, Energy, and Life of Michael A. Castello.

Long Reads

Stories that take a bit longer to get through.

  • Stalked by a Giant

    I called up Giant today at about 8:15 to get my work schedule. After waiting for some time and starting to fall asleep, I am informed that I’m working from 10:30 to 6:30. Not only is that in two hours, but it’s the entire available daylight portion of the day. I was planning on mowing a lawn […]

  • CMYK

    CMYK color. I’m not good at using it yet. I’ve been trying to get my banquet image set up so I can get some actual prints made of it at my local photo shop. I figured that converting the image to CMYK mode would make sure the colors turned out correctly, because it would give me a chance…

  • Vacation, Life, etc.

    So now that it’s been nearly a whole month since I wrote in this thing… I was on vacation for a week with my mom, little brother, my best friend Jason aka PlatinumTalon, and his younger cousin doubling as my little brother’s friend. I’ve been going to Chincoteague Island, VA every summer for more of my life…