Matter, Energy, and Life of Michaela A. Castello.

Short Reads

Updates that are comfortably bite-sized.

  • Rightfully Wrong

    I am incredibly pleased to be incorrect. It should not have been this close. Despite the Democratic party’s disastrous strategy and a lackluster candidate, America rejected Trump. It is a victory worth celebrating, if only for a little while.

  • The Coolest Pediatricians

    UCSD Pediatrics residents show off how cool they are in a video, and I make an appearance.

  • Altered Timescale

    All of my time estimates need to be corrected by a factor of two.

    Altered Timescale

  • Ne’er Conditioning

    Despite it being a non-negotiable feature of our residences, we seem to have incredibly bad luck with air conditioning. Also, we’re back home.

  • A Lack of Craft

    Good intentions are no match for poor workmanship.

    A Lack of Craft

  • An Uncle’s Prophecy

    “Some day, you’ll have lots of fun with your little brother.”

    An Uncle’s Prophecy

  • Two More Weeks

    In an altogether unsurprising-yet-maddening turn of events, our landlord informed us that the condo repairs remain unfinished, necessitating a stay elsewhere for an additional two weeks. Dave, our Airbnb host, had graciously been allowing us to add additional weeks onto the end of our stay, but we finally ran up against another booking. With this…

  • A Spoonful of Sugar

    A toddler admitted for poor feeding sits cross-legged on the hospital bed, clutching a takeout soup container in their feet. My first thought is that the periorbital edema has significantly improved after diuresis, but my attention is soon drawn to the large stainless steel serving spoon clutched in their hand. I noted some fine motor…